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Let's Go Travel is the newest travel magazine featuring hotel reviews, destination recommendations, the best of in restaurants and the experiences you actually want to know about when it comes to travel.

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Let's Go Travel Is an anonymous hotel, restaurant and destination review website. It is run by avid travelers. It’s no secret that we would live in luxury hotels. Eloise At The Plaza, now that’s the life…basically our dream life. While others hope for the one house, and picket fence. We love the idea and freedom of traveling to different hotels all throughout the world. Enjoying the service that only hotels offer and the experience of beautiful accommodations.

We know good hotels and exceptional service. So we offer you our readers an inside look at completely unbiased and anonymous reviews. Hotels don’t know who we are and we intend to keep it that way. We want to experience our hotel stays as anyone else would. We will tell you the truth about a hotel and their destination, not what everyone else tells you, but what it’s really like. So if you love beautiful hotels and have dreams of travel, come along on our journey…one beautiful hotel at a time. Come along with us...

Let’s Go Travel.